post05-590x266Always call us if you have a problem such as bleeding, frequent contractions, or water bag breaking.
Preterm Labor precautions If you are between 23 and 35 weeks pregnant and you experience uterine contractions more than 4 to 6 per hour, then try lying on your left side, drinking 2 liters of water and emptying your bladder. If this does not work within an hour, you must call us and plan to go to labor and delivery at Tarzana Medical Center.
Labor precautions If you experience moderate vaginal bleeding, contractions every 5 to 10 minutes that seem to persist and increase in intensity or your water breaks then call us; you’re either in labor or you might need to be.
Pregnancy support belts The best one is the simple velcro belt bought at any maternity store.


The best childbirth classes (to prepare for a child in your life)

  1. Harris Method labor & delivery course, Bradley method or Hypnobirthing
  2. Baby Care Class
  3. Breastfeeding Class
  4. Infant CPR and Safety

Optional classes available: Proud Dad Class, Transitions to Parenthood and a Refresher Childbirth Class.


If you cannot afford the classes offered at Providence Tarzana Hospital, use the public library or your local video stores to cover similar topics. These classes/videos stimulate excellent topics for us to cover at your routine OB visits. A good television show is “The Baby Story” on TLC. (cable station)


Prenatal vitamins one daily If you can’t take them try just plain folic acid 400 mcg especially in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. Please be sure they have chromium Selenium & Iodine in them.
Calcium 1500 mg per day make sure your calcium has vitamin D added, chewables or pills are fine. You can also use Viactiv chews, Os-cal tablets, or Trader Joes chews.
DHA (docosahexaenoic) 200mg. daily as in Expecta Lipil at or 888-4expecta.
Let someone else change your cat litter; the cat stool can have toxoplasmosis in it.
Sexual activity This can almost always remain unchanged from your pre-pregnancy activities ask if you’re concerned about this.
Brush and floss your teeth regularly in pregnancy Swollen painful gums are common in pregnancy. The best floss is Glide. Dental work, if needed, can and should be done in pregnancy, please have your Dentist fax what he/she plans if other then routine cleaning. X-ray’s can be done if you are double protected. I advise my patients to have their teeth cleaned twice during pregnancy to prevent preterm labor.
Working women Please notify us if your job is physically or psychologically stressful. By State Law you are entitled to start disability 30 days before your due date; you will be paid disability by the state for up to 6 weeks after you deliver. The payment from state disability is usually about 1/3 less than your usual paycheck and this money is tax free. You do not have to declare it on your income tax return. You may be eligible to take an additional 6 weeks without pay; without the threat of losing or changing your work position. If you have worked for your company for longer than 11 months.
Travel Will be limited 4 weeks before your due date to a 30 minute radius from Tarzana Medical Center. During your pregnancy do not go to elevations equal to or above 5,700 feet after 20 weeks of gestation. If you are not allergic, take 81mg aspirin before long flights or drives. Drink plenty of water and move about every 2 hours to prevent deep vein clots.
Personal Care Dying your hair, permanents or highlighting is allowed after your first visit if a fetal heart is seen on ultrasound. Manicures are permitted. If you have artificial nails applied where they are using chemicals, make sure the room is well ventilated or wear a mask. Massages are a great idea. Exercise and/or Yoga are encouraged. Know your limitations or ask Dr. Perlow.
Stem Cell Collection aka Cord Blood Banking options:

  1. Cord Blood Registry 888-cordblood
  2. California Cyrobank. Inc. 888-400-3430
  3. Viacord 866-668-489
  4. American Red Cross Washington D.C.
  5. National Marrow Donor Program 800-526-7809

Recommended reference books: “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” by Arlene Eisenberg “Birthing from Within” by Pam England
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